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Banded Earplugs

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Jazz Band Replacement Pods with Cord

Items #: MOL 6504

Moldex® Jazz Band® Banded Earplug Replacement Pods and Neck Cord with 25 db NRR feature greater comfort and fit for enhanced compliance and convenience. They hang easily down around the user's neck with optional breakaway neck cord. They are the perfect choice for intermittent usage and do not interfere with eyewear. Jazzy style enhances worker acceptance and the extra soft tapered foam pods softly conform to the ear canal. They are 100% PVC-free and new band pressure is minimizes by 50%. The end result is greater user fit and comfort which can enhance compliance. A more comfortable Jazz Band® was achieved by reducing the band pressure. They are independently tested to ANSI S3.19-1974 by Michael and Associates, Inc., state college, PA.
Usually Ships 2-5 Days
UOM : CS (50 BG)

Jazz Band Hearing Protector, NRR 25

Items #: MOL 6506
Brand: Moldex

Jazz Band Hearing Protector, NRR 25 Under the chin. 100 percent PVC-free, does not interfere with eyeware, extra soft tapered foam pods. 10 bands per box, 5 boxes per case
Usually Ships 2-5 Days