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Mustang Survival
PFDs, Life Jacket & Water Rescue Equipment

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Mustang Survival

Mustang Survival manufactures technical marine solutions & survival gear for the recreational, maritime, and rescue markets.

Delivering confidence to those who work, play, or protect on or in the water, Mustang Survival has delivered Military Grade gear for over 50 years to water rescue operators and recreational water enthusiasts. Mustang Survival specializes in USCG TYPE I to V PFDs, Inflatable and Manual PFDs. Life Vests, Life Jackets, water rescue equipment, accessories and outdoor survival gear.



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Mustang Survival MSD576 Water Rescue Dry Suit

MSD576 Dry Suit
Water Rescue Dry Suit

The MSD576 is the next evolution of Mustang Survival's constant wear dry suit. It is based on the functionality of our legendary Swift Water Rescue Dry Suit and is available in sizes M-XXL. We have updated the design and added several new features, including our Rapid Repair Technology, to improve the mobility and function specific to water rescue professionals.

Part Numbers:
MUS MSD576 251
Mustang Survival - MA7348 Closed Cell Neoprene Hood

MA7348 Hood
Closed Cell Neoprene Hood

The MA7348 Closed Cell Neoprene Hood offers increased protection against the elements when worn with Mustang Survival anti-exposure gear. Designed for easy integration with the MSD900, MSD901, MSD636, MAC300 and MSF300. The hood provides exceptional head and neck insulation and includes a lanyard to tether hood to suit, an adjustable mouth guard for protection from spray and a velcro attachment point for an emergency light.

Part Numbers:
Orange - MUS MA7348 4
Mustang Survival - MRV170 Rescue Swimmer Vest

MRV170 Vest
Rescue Swimmer Vest

Hailed as the first rescue swimmer vest to turn a compliance-driven device into a tactical piece of equipment that actually helps get the job done. Designed for the performance-driven public safety water professional who can't afford to be impeded by extra gear, this vest blends two of Mustang Survival's core competencies - inflatable flotation and foam flotation, to offer a slim profile flotation solution.

Part Numbers:
MUS MRV170 251
Mustang Survival HIT Auto Inflatable PFD

HIT Auto Inflatable PFD
Hydrostatic Inflator Technology

The award-winning HIT™ inflatable PFD with hydrostatic inflator technology is Mustang Survival's best-in-safety inflatable PFD. Designed for serious users with exclusive technology, it is designed for use in severe weather and requires minimal inflator maintenance. Features the exclusive USCG-approved hydrostatic inflator technology, bright fluorescent yellow-green inflation cell, lightweight outer shell fabric, and a zippered pocket.

Part Numbers:
MUS MD3183 02 262
MUS MD3183 02 123
Mustang Survival - MJ6214 T1 Bomber Jacket with Reflective Tape

MJ6214 T1 Bomber Jacket
Classic Flotation Bomber Jacket

Designed to deliver comfort, warmth, and durability during marine operations, the MJ6214 T1 Classic Flotation Bomber Jacket's closed-cell foam insulation will provide flotation and in-water insulation to delay the onset of hypothermia in the event of water immersion. Coupled with functional design elements such as fleece-lined pockets and a storm flap, Mustang Survival's MJ6214 T1 Classic Flotation Bomber Jacket adds up to an unbeatable value. The MJ6214 T1 Version includes SOLAS reflective tape across the chest and around each wrist to provide increased visibility.

Part Numbers:
MUS MJ6214 T1 2
MUS MJ6214 T1 33
MUS MJ6214 T1 5

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