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Kappler Chemical Protective Clothing

Chemical Protective Clothing

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Kappler Protecive HazMat Clothing

Kappler provides chemical protective clothing from gas-tight biohazard coveralls to hazmat chemical suits and medical coveralls.

For more than 40 years Kappler has defined the protective clothing industry with patented fabrics, innovative seaming technology and unique garment designs. The Kappler brand on your chemical suit means you always know what you’re getting into.

From gas-tight biohazard coveralls to chemical suits, they’re the first to tell you: It’s not just the suit. It’s knowing it’s the right suit, made from the right fabric, with the right seam. With test data that confirms all of the above.

For more than four decades Kappler has led the industry with patented technology and proven garment designs. And they’ve built a reputation for quality, innovation and straightforward advice on what to wear. No matter the hazard, Kappler on your garment means you always know what you’re getting into.



Fire and HazMat Protective Clothing

Fire, rescue & HazMat

Medical & EMS Protective Garments


Laboratory Apparel


Kappler Frontline 300

Frontline® 300
Petro-chemical protecive coverall

Frontline® 300 is ideal for petro-chemical line break situations. This innovative garment was developed with detailed input from petrochemical safety officers. It offers excellent radiant heat protection. And with comparable protection to Kappler's Zytron® 300 chemical apparel, Frontline 300 provides excellent holdout for the most common petrochemical hazards. Coverall with special design hood opening for better fit against respirator and visor, LongNeck™ design with extended zipper closure, double storm flaps with FR hook and loop fasteners, glove cone inserts.

Part Numbers:
KAP F3H429
Kappler Zytron 500

Zytron® 500
HazMat Response Chemical Suit

Zytron® 500 is the classic emergency responder choice for hazmat response and other demanding situations. It's tough, built for mobility, and based on patented technology that created the first material to survive eight full hours against the ASTM F1001 test battery with no breakthrough. Now with an extensive chemicals-tested list numbering in the hundreds, it's no wonder that responders around the world trust Z500 garments for ultra-demanding Level A and Level B applications.

Part Numbers:
Coveralls w/ Socks
KAP Z5H426
Coveralls w/ Ankles
KAP Z5H428
Splash Front Entry
KAP Z5H572
Splash Rear Entry
KAP Z5H573
NFPA 1994 Class 2
Kappler Provent Coverall

Provent Coverall
General Hazard Protection

ProVent offers excellent general hazard protection in a breathable, microporous fabric for enhanced comfort. Good against particle hazards and light splash situations, ProVent also passes the ASTM F1670 blood penetration test. From maintenance work to spray painting to general healthcare, ProVent offers Kappler quality you can count on.

Part Numbers:

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