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Kappler Chemical Protective Clothing

Chemical Protective Clothing

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Kappler Protecive HazMat Clothing

For more than 40 years Kappler has defined the protective clothing industry with patented fabrics, innovative seaming technology and unique garment designs. The Kappler brand on your chemical suit means you always know what you’re getting into.

From gas-tight biohazard coveralls to chemical suits, they’re the first to tell you: It’s not just the suit. It’s knowing it’s the right suit, made from the right fabric, with the right seam. With test data that confirms all of the above.

For more than four decades Kappler has led the industry with patented technology and proven garment designs. And they’ve built a reputation for quality, innovation and straightforward advice on what to wear. No matter the hazard, Kappler on your garment means you always know what you’re getting into.


Kappler Provent Medical Clothing

Provent Hazard Protection

Kappler HI-VIS FR Apparel

Hi-Vis FR Apparel

Kappler Durachem 500

NFPA 1994 Certified Garment


Fire and HazMat Protective Clothing

Fire, rescue & HazMat

Medical & EMS Protective Garments


Laboratory Apparel


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