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RedWave Technology
Comprehensive Chemical Identification

RedWave Technology is the leader in FTIR spectroscopy offering portable products for field use as well as products and services for your laboratory.

RedWave Technology is at the forefront of developing FTIR spectroscopic analyzers for comprehensive chemical identification. As a tightly focused company, their mission is straightforward – provide superior chemical analyzer products and exceptional technical support for hazmat responders, US military and other government organizations. They understand your needs because of their long term, close working relationships with civilian and government responder groups. You are the first line of defense to our communities and must have unimpeded capability to ensure all of our safety.

ThreatID™ GLS

The most advanced ftir analyzer for identifying chemical threats

What is ThreatID™
ThreatID™ is the state-of-the-art chemical identifier, designed with input from first responders from all over the USA. The superior performance, ergonomics and usability of ThreatID™ supports higher con?dence identification of unknowns, and quicker decision making.

RedWave Technologies has developed a multi-tiered data analysis methodology for dealing with complex mixtures and identifying the hazards contributed by the major components.

Why ThreatID™
Hazmat responders experienced in the use of spectroscopic analyzers tell us that system miniaturization has moved too far, making handheld systems less practical for instrument control, sample measurement and viewing data, especially in level A and B gear.

Systems have been reduced to answer boxes instead of providing critical information that can be used in conjunction with other field tests to give high confidence identifications.

There needs to be seamless 24/7/365 ThreatAssist™ communication and support from spectroscopy expertsto aid when difficult analyses or other problems arise.

Future-ready: A modern, modular, approach to meet your preparedness needs.

  • Capable of identifying more than 23,000 solids and liquids
  • Capable of identifying more than 5,000 gases and vapors as low as 25 ppm
  • 4-meter gas cell
  • Swap from ATR to gas cell (and back) in less than 10 seconds w/ no re-alignment necessary
  • Adaptable to all sample collection methods (Tedlar bags, PID w/ outlet, syringe, canister, pump, etc.)
  • No downtime from over-saturation

ThreatID GLS
ThreatID GLS
RedWave Technolgy Xplorir

Detect and identify thousands of gases in seconds.


Identification provides the vital information to safely characterize and manage dangerous events.

Rapid Answers:
Less than 20 seconds for results

Detection and Identification at concentrations down to low ppm

Positive identification of gases and vapors using proven FTIR technology

Breadth of Analysis:
Detect and identify more than 5,500 gases and vapors including:

  • TICS
  • Petroleum Products
  • Solvents
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • VOCs
  • CWA Agents
  • Refrigerants
  • Common Gases

Ease of Use:
No sample prep required! Continuous, automatic detection of gases and vapors in real-time.

Works in the harshest environments including high temperature and high humidity.

Pair with your existing PID for true identi?cation and quantification.

Redwave Xplorir

Xplorir: Simple, Intuitive Software

  • Continuous monitoring or point and shoot
  • Groundbreaking automated data analytics provides confident answers even in challenging conditions
  • Critical information displayed with every result: GHS symbols, IDLH, LEL, Ionization Energy
  • All data immediately archived and viewable on the Cloud

Redwave Xplorir Screenshots


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