Eyewash and Shower Equipment

Eyewash and Shower Equipment 
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Bubbler head, PCP

Items #: HAW 5705

100% lead-free waterways Angled stream discourages direct mouth contact making the drinking area much more sanitary Laminar flow insert prevents splashing so the drinking stream and area stay contained Dimensions: Overall height is 3-3/16" (8.4 cm). Connection is a 1/4" IPS inlet Haws manufactures drinking fountains and electric water coolers to be lead-free by all known definitions including NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Section 9, California Proposition 65, and the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Product is compliant to California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953-2006)
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Laminar insert

Items #: HAW 5705LAMIN

5705LAMIN is a laminar flow insert for 5705 bubbler head. Product is compliant to California Health and Safety Code 116875 (AB 1953-2006).
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PCP brass waste strainer

Items #: HAW 6452

Model 6452 is a polished chrome-plated brass waste strainer with three vandal-resistant pinned socket screws and wrench for screws.
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Waste strainer assembly, PCP brass

Items #: HAW 6454

Model 6454 is a polished chrome-plated solid brass flat waste strainer with vandal-resistant locking lugs, washer, locknut and slipjoint tailpiece. Dimensions: flange dia, 2-1/2" (6.3 cm) fits 2" (5.1 cm) drain hole; 1-1/2" O.D. (3.8 cm) slipjoint tailpiece x 1-1/2" (3.8 cm) long.
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Waste strainer assembly, flat type

Items #: HAW 6455

Model 6455 is a polished chrome-plated brass flat waste strainer with grid, washer locknut and slip joint tailpiece. Flange diameter 4-1/2" (11.4 cm) fits 3-1/2" to 4" (8.9 to 10.2 cm) drain holes; 1/1-2" O.D. (3.8) slip joint tailpiece is 4" (10.2 cm) long.
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Waste strainer assembly

Items #: HAW 6466

Model 6466 is a polished chrome-plated vandal-resistant waste strainer and tailpiece assembly. Vandal-resistant screw allows for dis-assembly from top for easy cleaning of drain. 1-1/4" O.D. (3.2 cm) slip joint tailpiece.
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Drain kit for surface mount

Items #: HAW 6470

This drain kit allows the 2000SMS to be plumbed to a waste outlet. Drain kit includes waste strainer and 1-1/4" OD (3.2 cm) tailpiece and all accompanying washers/nuts to attach strainer to tailpiece. A trap will not be included. Current design of the drain trays allows for pop-out of drain kit assembly.
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Pneumatic operated freeze-resistant

Items #: HAW 6518.2FR

Installed below the frost line, the valve remains fully functional under the worst of weather conditions, with the fountain remaining functional as well If a maintenance issue ever arises, rest assured that the valve assembly is easily removed and replaced without disrupting the remainder of the fountain Flow is easily adjustable with supplied regulator valve Unit is applicable for dual pedestal mounted fountain designs
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Same as above in high polish finish

Items #: HAW 6603HPS

Model 6603HPS is a 9" x 9" (22.9 x 22.9 cm) access panel designed to facilitate maintenance by allowing easier access to plumbing behind the wall. It is made of high-polished stainless steel, and includes frame and screws.
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In-ground sand trap

Items #: HAW 6611

Model 6611 in ground sand trap, is designed to help prevent blockage of waste lines in pedestal drinking fountains. Installed adjacent to the fountain it collects sand and debris that can clog the drain line. Removable lid allows for easy maintenance. Body and fittings are of hi-density black polyethylene. Cover is white polypropylene with eight vandal-resistant stainless steel screws, cadmium plated steel anchoring nuts, rubber gasket and three anti-skid strips. Plastic collector bucket. Cover is intended for foot traffic only. Key is furnished for vandal-resistant screws.
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Square step, 10in high for 3121 and

Items #: HAW 6620

Model 6620 is a square concrete step that matches the color and finish of Haws concrete drinking fountains to allow children access to the drinking water stream. It is a vibra-cast reinforced square concrete step 10" (25.4 cm) high for surface mounting. Standard color is Portland Gray cement with exposed aggregate finish. Anchor bolts supplied.
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In-wall mounting plate, Hi-Lo dual

Items #: HAW 6700.4

Steel construction provides a solid support system for these "Hi-Lo" fountains. Measurements are 36" W x 12" H x 3/16" (91 x 30.5 x .47 cm)
Usually Ships 2-5 Days
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