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NFPA Sock Style Hood, 100 Pct Nomex

Protective Industrial Products - AFR 906-100NOM7 - NFPA Sock Style Hood, 100 Pct Nomex

Item #: AFR 906-100NOM7
Brand: Protective Industrial Products
Fire-Resistant Hoods 906-100NOM7 Technical Data: Material: Nomex Color: White Available sizes: One size Packaging: 12 hoods per case Weight per hood: 0.18 lbs / 0.08 kg Case Weight: 2.2 lbs / 1.0 kg Country of Origin/Harmonization Code: USA / 6506.99.6000 General Features: • Highest quality knitted “sock” style hoods that provide protection from fl ash fi re hazards with added 2-ply construction for thermal insulation in cold weather conditions. • Nomex® protective barrier carbonizes and thickens when exposed to the intense heat of today’s fi res. This increases the protective barrier to minimize burn injury. Stays supple and fl exible till it’s cool, which gives you valuable extra seconds of protection when needed most. • Garmets made of Nomex® are also durable, lasting on average two to three times longer than other standard protective fabrics. Apparel made of Nomex® has an average wear life of approximately fi ve years and can be washed and worn at least 125 times compared to garmets made of FRT cotton which can be washed and worn an average of 30-50 times.
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