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PGI 3022098 | COBRACLASSIC Firefighting Hood, Para-Tek FR , Black, 32 HRC 3 ATPV | Safeware
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COBRA™CLASSIC™ Firefighting Hood Para-Tek FR™ Black 32 HRC 3 ATPV

  • Brand Name: PGI
  • PN: PGI 3022098
  • MPN: 3022098
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Blend was developed in the early 1980’s by PGI to offer a more comfortable and affordable option to 100% Nomex hoods. Due to its price and exceptional comfort it became an instant success easily becoming the most demanded hood blend on the market. Comfort Plus is made of two proven flame resistant fiber work horses- Nomex® and Lenzing FR™. Together they create an exceptionally durable and comfortable flame resistant fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin more effectively than other flame resistant fabrics. The end result is an FR hood that feels cooler in hot environments and warmer in cold environments. In addition to improved comfort, Comfort Plus hoods offer 18% better thermal resistance than their 100% Nomex counter- part with a TPP of 33.6 vs. 28.5 for 100% Nomex after five washings. Para-Tek FR™ is PGI’s proprietary Tri-Blend that leverages the benefits of three fibers – High Strength Para-Aramid, Lenzing FR®, and High Tenacity Nylon. PGI solution dyes all three fibers. The main benefit of solution dyeing is that the dye pigment is added to the polymer before the fiber is extruded into yarn. The color, therefore, is an inherent part of the yarn itself making it the most permanent dye method possible. Fading due to sun exposure is virtually eliminated. Color loss from abrasive cleaning agents is also highly unlikely. For those concerned about chemicals and the environment, the solution dyeing process itself is eco-friendly, using little water or energy.The end result is a lightweight, breathable hood that offers exceptional flame and heat resistance and a high arc rating – 32 (Level 3).

COBRA™CLASSIC™ Firefighting Hood, Para-Tek FR™, Black, 32 HRC 3 ATPV

ATPV Rating      :      32 HRC 3
Color      :      Black
Material      :      Para-Tek FR™
  • Inherently Flame Resistant
  • Low Thermal Shrinkage
  • Excellent TPP Rating – 34.8 After Five Washings
  • Superb Flame Resistance – Lowest Vertical Char Lengths of All Hood Fabrics
  • Excellent Arc Flash Protection (Highest arc rating of all hood fabrics) - ATPV = 32 HRC 3
  • Compliant with NFPA 70E – Current Edition. Meeting the Performance Specifications of ASTM-F-1506.

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